Evil Elvis
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2002-03-01 22:19:39 (UTC)

As the Pressure Grows.....


Woooopy fucking doo!! Feels the same as the rest fo the
days of the week today. I haven't slept for about 9 days
now :( Not fucking good, let me tell you!!

The other night I decided enough was enough, after a few
beers I decided that several nytol was the answer....while
taking them, I actually wanted to take them all..I just
wanted to be not-awake so much that the thought of death
actually didnt bother me...sadly...I'm stil here, and still
not asleep!! What's wrong with my brain that it won't
switch off....it's not a difficult thing, in fact it's
pretty simple...so wh can't I do it!?!?!?

Anyway, I am not working tomorrow (YAY!!!) and I am
determined to get some sleep over this weekend, even if it
kills me (not literally!!) I've got some beer, some Nytol
and some Melatonin....surely there's a combination in there
that will make me nod off for at least a couple of hours?!?!

If something goes tits up, then please let it be known that
I didnt kill myself!!! I JUST NEED SOME SLEEP!!

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