Mikey's Journal
2002-03-01 22:00:45 (UTC)

love triangle continues

Well, Tammy found out today that me and Ben are dating and
she wasn't that happy. She has a right to be mad and I
understand why. This morning as I was going into my first
period I heard Charity (a friend) call my name so I turned
around. Tammy was with her. I knew what they were going to
ask. Charity goes "Are you dating Ben? Somone told me you
are." I said "No. Who did you hear that from?" and Charity
goes "Ben." At first I was going to say no, but I decided
it was just time for everyone to know so I said "Well sence
Ben told you, then yes." That's when Tammy turned around
and walked off. Charity just gave me this look and walked
off. I went into my classroom and set my backpack down.
When I turned around Ben was walking in. He said hi to Miss
Chris and sat down beside me. I asked him if he told
Charity that we were dating and he said no. He didn't tell
anyone. I was like "Oh great. Charity just tricked me." I
told him that I told Charity and Tammy and he said ok. He
thought we had hid it long enough and it was getting
complicated hiding the fact that we are dating. So at lunch
I tried talking to Frankie, but he didn't want to listen. I
was going to talk to Tammy, but she didn't eat lunch today.
I figured it was because she was pissed at me. So I ate
lunch with Maria and Charity. After we got done eating
Charity went and talked to Frankie for a minute. She came
back a minute later and said "I was told to tell you that
Frankie said that Ben's ass is his." I just ok. I was
thinking "I'll just call or email Ben when I get home and
tell him." Which I did. Anyway a few minutes later we went
down to the library wing and as we were walking out of it I
heard Tammy yell my name. So I turned around and we talked.
That's when I found out that Tammy isn't mad at me, she's
mad at Ben. Because she's thinking he said all this stuff
about how he loves me on the internet and stuff, which
isn't true. She's imagining all this stuff. Ben has not yet
said that he loves me. (Which is cool because we both want
to take this relationship kinda slow.) So I think me and
Tammy are still friends. She also told me that she doesn't
want to go eat with Ben tonight. She said that if he comes
up to her house while she's there by herself tonight he's
going to get a cusing. I also told Ben that in the email I
sent him. I just want him to be forwarned what might
happen. I don't know Tammy and Frankie well enough to know
if they were just saying that or if they meant it. Well
sence Ben isn't online I'll get off.