mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-01 21:52:34 (UTC)

Does he have to tell everyone ??????

well, i am here @ work , and my partner (asst.chief asshole)
is busy calling everyone he knows & telling everyone that
comes in about his lil accident. While he was movin on mon
afternoon , he had a bunkbed frame fall out of truck & hit
him on head. Now he has 7 stiches... big flippin deal, but
he has to tell the world ! - "ohhh i was in hospital for 3
hrs, then my eye was swollen shut , i couldnt work
yesterday, thank god my in-laws were there to help us move"
well, guess what.... WHO THE HELL CARES ????? mr. fat ass
braggart, nobody cares that you have seven stiches, it is
just too damn bad that you werent more seriously hurt. I am
sure the bedframe got the worst damage.
Also, on way to work , I stopped at DMV & turned in CT
license plates & got copy of driving record, then I went to
subaru dealer & got new light for front of car & some epoxy
to glue rear lens. I am hoping that the glue will be enough
to keep car from failing inspection.
Tommorow, I need to send out checks for taxes & get Jon
his money , before that is all spent. I also forget to tell
that Lisa is flippin out... I was joking w/jessica on wed.
about havin a trantula, I never even told this to lisa ,
and what does Lisa get me yesterday ??? You guessed it, a
trantula. I have named him tiny. He is a pink toed
tarantula, and he lives in a 10 gal fish tank. he eats
crickets, and i saw him catch one this morning, it was
really kewl watching him. That is about it for now. maybe I
will write more later...
---- CAIO !