My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-03-01 21:42:10 (UTC)

Bad Days... (hey! that's a song!)

Bad Days by Flaming Lips (download it! muahaha!)

YEEEEahhh... today, was a bad bad bad day. i don't feel
good. tonight me & kel are gonna go shop our miseries away
lol. i think Liz is takin us. Tomorrow is Solo & Ensemble
Contest. (more on that lata. prolly gonna be a major
disaster) it's supposed to snow a WHOLE BUNCH by
tomorrow... so lot of snow... no S&E... possibly sledding
WAHOO! i haven't gotten to go sledding in the longest
time! i'm happy. EUREKA GOLF COURSE HERE I COME! with the
best sledding in the greater peoria area. lol.

well. i'ma gonna go soak in my unhappiness lol.

Later Days,

Kara Jo