a little piece of me
2002-03-01 21:40:42 (UTC)

bye bye birdies

met my mom to drop off the birds today. i just couldn't
stand to be without all of them, so muj is still here with
me. it would be too quiet without them. his cage is small
enough to fit into my car with the rest of us. i won't get
to pick the other birds up until the weekend after we get
back. i have another doc appointment then, so i'll have to
go home anyway.

had lunch with my mom. it was nice. then we went to a
used bookstore. those things are the death of me! i love
to read, so she practically had to drag me out kicking and
screaming. found several books that i wanted to read. got
fahrenheit 451, a vonnegut (already read it, but didn't
have it), an anne rice, and an f. paul wilson book. my
room is nearly overflowing with books. when i get my real
place in a few months, i'm going to build massive bookcases
for the living room. i'd love to have a library of my own,
but i don't think i could afford a house with that much
extra space. just a dream, i guess.

we're supposed to get a major snow storm tonight. they're
expecting 7 inches or so. that really sucks. i was hoping
to go finish up my boot, and maybe do some more soldering.
if there's that much snow, no way am i going out in it. i
hate driving in that stuff. muj is sitting on my
shoulder. he's the cutest little thing ever. don't get me
wrong, i love the other birds to death. he's just my
favorite (shh, don't tell. he'll get a big head).

well, think i'm going to run out to the store. get some
more apples before the storm hits. now i've some books to
snuggle up under the covers with in case the power goes
out. plenty of candles to see by. should be a pretty
relaxing evening. maybe i'll get a bottle of cheap wine.
take a hot bubble bath, some classical music playing in the
background. lay back and relax. sure would be nice.