Chronicles of She
2002-03-01 20:51:29 (UTC)


I haven't written in a few days. I've been kind of caught
up in my life. I'm part of this abstinence group called
RESPECT. I chose to no longer be a part of it because the
coordinator, Mrs. H, has decided that there isn't enough
room on the bus for me to go. How nice! So, fuck her and
the stupid club; not like I live by the RESPECT rules
anyway.. if you know what I mean.

Other than that, my life is straightening out and becoming
more and more normal. Alex and I haven't had many fights,
last night we did, but it was over his parents and their
crazy antics which affect our relationship in some
undertone. He says I need to get over it, and that it
isn't that big of a deal and that our relationship is
being affected by my paranoia. He's right. But I refused
to believe him and just cried. I released some of my
aggression through my tears and sobs and then I was ok.
I'm fine with his the fact that his parents may or may not
like me. I'll have to deal with all of that if we paln on
being together forever. I might ask his mom today if she
has a problem with me.. just to be on the safe side. But
as far as me and Alex go: we are the definition of

Good news! I got a job. At NIKE factory outlet on 535.
It's near Orlando. Actually, I don't know if I've got the
job just yet but I hope and pray. I need money, not only
to provide myself with daily necessities [ clothing and
food ] but to put away for my further educational needs
and for my apartment. Yes, this means that I will be
moving out of my house at the end of the year. It also
means that I am turning 18 soon. Four months to be exact.
Things wont be normal for long.