What's up now?
2002-03-01 20:27:47 (UTC)


Ahhh....I'm home....there's reallynothing else to say about
that! I really just could take being up at school anymore
and needed to get away!!! Brian and I had an issue(i guess
I more so had an issue with something that him) and we
needed to get it figured out(and I wanted to see him before
he left) and I really just missed home....Tomorrow I leave
for Cali....I cant wait!! TOnight I get to see Trish and
Erika, and HOPEFULLY erin and Mary :) That would be so
nice :) Who knows what we'll do..but I'm excited!! I
guess I dont have anything to talk about so I'm outie!!! I
cleaned the house today for 50 dollars!!! Woo hooo :)
That was exciting :) NOw I can go shopping in cali!