the ups and downs of my life
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2002-03-01 20:14:19 (UTC)

2 problems 2 days b 4 my b-day

ok i have 2 problems. the first one is not as serioius as
the 2nd one though.

1st it is my b-day on sunday and we never get homework on
the weekend but for some reason i have homework in 4
subjects. which includes 2 w/s, a major test on mon and a
paper comparing two movies i saw in history(the gladiator
and patriot) both good movies. i got to see shakespeare in
love in english 9another good movie) if u havent seen
these movies i recomend it. they r very good.

2nd this girl danielle who hasnt talked to me in like
three months b/c she was mean to me asked me on aol last
night what we ahd to do in spanish b/c she wasnt there. so
even though i dont like her i did tell her anyway. then
she told me how she felt bad when nicole was mean to me
and how she knows howe i feel now. and thats she is really
sorry. i was like ok good now u wont lose anymore friends.
so she told me that she wanted to be friends again and i
dont know what to say. b/c i promised myself we would
never be friends again even if she asked. but if i say no
i will look bad b/c she has relized her mistake and i
juswt say no. and i would want to have someone frgive me
if i was truely sorry(which i aint sure if she is or not)
but i think she might be. well what should i do??? b/c i
have no clue. if u have any ideas let me know