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2002-03-01 20:13:41 (UTC)

Activities and More

Gavin is highly involved in school activities. He always
has been but even more so this year as a senior. He's in
the band and they're playing the music for a school play.
This means practice every day (including today which is not
a school day) for two hours or more. He's in track which
also requires two or three hours of practice
every day and will soon include meets. He's volunteered to
play sax in the church band so there's another circled item
on his calendar. Besides this he has his studies (he has an
A- average) taking classes such as honors English and
calculus plus a serious girlfriend. This all the time he's
keeping up his other activities including yearbook editor,
school newspaper editor, writing for the local newspaper,
and playing in the pep band at all home games. This is not
a schedule I could keep up for long but then, I'm not 17
years old! Thank goodness! He should know by next month
which university he'll be going to. He's applied to Johns
Hopkins (where his oldest brother is), Oregon State
University (where his second oldest brother is), and the
University of Oregon (where his girlfriend is).

My activities, on the other hand, are slower and quieter.
Now they include baking, reading and quilting. Soon I'll be
adding yard work and gardening. I've been looking over seed
catalogs and planning my vegetable garden which will be at
the country house. We need to move the rose bushes and
plant the lilacs. As the weather is more consistently warm
and dry I'll start hanging the laundry outside.

I did take down the winter decorations and now have my
daffodil plate, rabbit and gardening dolls, and chicken and
other rabbit decorations out. I've realized I don't
have any small quilts to put up for this time of year so
I've added making a couple of those on my to-do list. These
decorations will be up until July when I put up the
patriotic ones.