The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-03-01 19:54:38 (UTC)

Somebody get the lights!!!

YAY! I had the best day with Stephie yesterday!! We went
everywhere, and then decided we were bored with it and
left!!! It was so nice talking to her again and hanging
out!!! I also talked to Brookee! Were hanging out sometime
beginning of next week!!! I saw Adam-adam and Aimee too!
OOH and my BER is coming home today! YEA!!!! Im so excited!
It makes all the stress of this past week go away! yay!
Time to go work on my lesson that I have to teach next
week! UGH!! :)

Luv Alison

PS Does a backwards heart work? Uh, no backwards 3!!

PPS Heathers man is home!!! Yea!!! (told ya Id put it in!)

PPS Go visit these!


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