The Humor in Drama
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2002-03-01 19:26:14 (UTC)

dumping duality:

I'm 18.

Eighteen, and I think like a defeated old man. I think like
a man who has lost his will and direction, like some kind
of 90 year old miser coming to terms with wasted time; he
rests in his chair and wonders what life was all about.

Constant evaluation.

The more that builds up in hindsight, the harder it is to
convince yourself that this is the way. You start to lose
faith. Maybe we're all so depressed because we're taught
such wonderful utopian ideas when we're young.

we learn about soft happy things and we all grow up
believing we're going to be sports stars, rock stars, movie
stars, TV stars...the president, a doctor...on and on and

I'd have been better off if someone sat me down at five and

"First off, there's no Santa or the Easter bunny. Religon
is just a plan to get you thinking like a lemming. You'll
never ever be on a TV show, in a movie, or on a sports
field. Don't care about people, because they'll use your
humanity to their own advantage. You won't grow up
attractive, you won't become rich. You will, in all
likelihood, end up in a factory making minimum for the rest
of your life. The greatest triumph you will ever live is
the one day you'll find $10 on the ground."

Would that hurt (if I understood it)? Yes. It would.

But doesn't it hurt more to believe fairy tales for most of
your early life, only to hit the real world later; you find
that the ground is not the foam plush you've been
brainwashed into seeing, but a cold, hard asphalt and

I think honesty IS the best policy.

We're all fucked up because you refuse to tell us the truth
when we're at our MOST IMPRESSIONABLE.

We believe our parents when they say "everything will be ok"
but it never really is. Instead of addressing a problem, we
find a scapegoat, or explain it away, or ignore it...
sometimes we're blind of it completely.

Why would you start a foundation of learning to live on
lies that no logical person in the world would swallow?

"The world is a happy sunny place"
The world is a happy sunny place because you feel like
painting a picture without pain. I say paint the fucking
painting with all the colours, so we see more than the
biased bullshit you want us to see.

The world CAN be a happy place, yes.
But it can also be sinister.

We should not be taught everything "good" to begin our
lives. We should be taught balance-- a very important
aspect which we lack.

Show us the sunshine and the storm, so that we might
understand the relationship of both, together.

We might learn to love the rain as much as the sun.

...maybe that's what you're REALLY afraid of.

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