The lost little girl
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2002-03-01 18:04:30 (UTC)


ok...well this is what the last few days have been like. my
count so far for the times i have seen queen of the damned
is now 4....but i get the feeling it's gonna keep getting
went to kareoke last night. it ended up being chris, liz
wolf, em, aaron and me. we had a blast. me and em got up and
sang "maria maria" by santana...and i was told it wasn't to
bad. aaron was getting paid by a drunk to stop
singing...trust me..fuckin' funny as hell. the same drunk
was deffinately hitting on emily . well if you want a better
idea of what happened..emily has it all on tape.:)~
i'm still sick..which completely sucks cuz chris is driving
me to buffalo in two weeks and i need to get better before
then b'cuz we are going to the baby shower for my nephew and
i can't go sick. that would be very bad. although i can't
wait to go back to buffalo. it's gonna be fun fun fun. i
can't forget aaron's gift..( mighty taco...the best food on
well i must be going..i'm prolly going swimming tomorrow
before i go to a party..so i might not be able to write
until sunday. ohwell..byebyebye-

daily quote: "take my hand now be alive!"- lestat" forsaken