a rop through my mind....
2002-03-01 17:47:05 (UTC)

yet another day passes.....

hey all,

well, past few days have been real little
sister and her best friend (my "other little sister") came
up to visit for the night :) took them to crowbar (AXP's
weekly (smallish) party, bunch of ppl haninging out having
fun) went well..they had fun.....found out how much somebody
cares about me....(in a good way)....

almost killed the adjunct again today, kept correcting him
inadvertantly, cuz he was WRONG! talked to him after class
and i think he was joking when he said "you seem to know
this stuff do you want to teach chapter 3?" but maybe not, i
said yeah sure, none the'll end frustration and
actually make me want to go to class, so that is a good

get to go to the steak house a skirt...kinda a
contradiction in terms, but it's all good i suspose.....i
won't be one of the few girls around the house for once :)
yay estrogen! (teeheehee) yeah.....anyway...i think that's
it for now..getting my comp fixed tomorrow (hopefully..hint
hint to somebody)