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2002-03-01 16:53:37 (UTC)

Don't Believe Everything You See In The Mirror

I think right now im the happiest ive been in a while. I
have things figured out in a strange sort sense. We live in
a world where looks mean everything, I know this even more
now becuase that girl that I was supposed to meet didnt
like me becuase of the picture I gave her of me. Im not as
much hurt as I am, grateful for her doing this. I know what
I want, between that extremly curel e mail from meredith
and this, its kinda pushed me to the point where I finialy
know what I want. I know whos standing behind me and who
stands beside me. I have my friends who i love the world
over, and maybe I will find that girl who will find me to
be that perfect guy, the girl who isnt all about the looks
but cares what I have to say, I have not found her yet, but
I look, both eyes open, whatching teh road ahead of me,
being careful not to trip, and finialy looking up. You see
a mirror is only a reflection of what you want to see, its
people who are the true mirrors, they are the ones who can
give the reflection of you soul.

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