Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-03-01 16:51:34 (UTC)

it's a good day

So, it's friday. My new diet appears to be working, so I am
not quite as discouraged with the food limitations I have.
If I can see/feel/pick up on scales the lbs dropping off,
then I am ok with it! And I can!!! The scale measures about
6 lbs less than when I started!! yay! Can't wait to see
what it says Monday!!

And next, tomorrow it will be 2 months since I quit
smoking. I haven't cheated at all. (Does walking by someone
smoking and inhaling deeply qualify as cheating? My friends
say no, because i didn't stand there and inhale
constantly. ) Anyway, I know I have quit and considering
that my roomie smokes and I have remained cigarette free, I
am pretty darn proud!!

Next victory! Money!! Now, I had to count all my change,
and I have $3 to live on :) until next week (and I need
gas) BUT, I am not bouncing any checks and I have enough
food to last until Monday (at least, if not more). That
leaves 3 scary days, but I can get by if I have to. I
realize that my $3 won't get enough gas to last, but I will
deal with that when I absolutely have to. :) I recognize
that this $3 for a week may not sound like a victory to
anyone else, but considering that it is not -$3 or -$30,
then it is a victory for me. Since before Christmas, this
is the first check I have not just said, "Fuck it, if it
bounces it bounces."

So, things are feeling pretty ok right now. And I am
finding some wood to knock on...