BisKit's Journal
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2002-03-01 10:04:09 (UTC)

Calling People Back Home

Calling people bak home is weird, and depressing too. I
mean so much change in so little time. I am reminded of his
holiness the Buddha's saying:"It is in the very nature of
all things most near and dear to us that we must divide
ourselves from them? All things that are born contain
within themselves the necessity for dissolution." I know i
shouldnt be dissapointed or sad, its just things I found so
much comfort and security in are so unfarmiliar and I just
have nuthing to be comfortable with and no security.
Sumtimes I wonder if they really miss me, or even really
care, their word are there but...
I just dont know anymore, I think too much, but what else
can I do? All i can do issit around and think. Think of the
long gone past and the happyness that was there, or think
of the elusive future that seems so scary. All i can do is
think and be Where is my place? Have I yet to stumble upon
a place I can call mine? Or have I a place? If so why do I
earch and hope of a place I see only when I close my eyes?
Was I happy there? Then why do I dread going back? Then why
do I want to move in with -----?
Questions unanswered, unseen.

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