Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-05 23:00:26 (UTC)'ll hurt you more then it will hurt me...

I just got done reading the most ditzy-est (I realize
that's not a's called sarcasm) diary on earth.
The girl must have been not only a cheerleader but a
spoiled brat that talks in broken down words such as
using "u 4 real?" for her "friends" easier comprehension.

The child then began to explain depression....heh.

"itz lik when u cry alot and r really sad."

For fucking out loud a lot....A LOT...two seperate words.

But I am so relieved that she made it clear that depression
isn't a happy thing and often if not most times...can be
quite unsettling.....Bimbo.

Thennn...."drinking and drugs is like so ewwww."

Maybe that's because you would have to be able to use FULL
words to be mature enough to drink alcohol responsibly and
know that not everyone who drinks and does drugs
occasionally is quote unquote....ewwww.

Actually the people I know that do that (including moi)
have a better grammatical stance and understanding on what
depression is then this child so.....I think someone
shouldn't judge what others do untill they obtain the
ability to insult it in a better way then saying "like

"No teen can like be IN LOVE with a guy like until they are
out of High School."

Oh gee...silly then if the second you step out of
High School you are endowed with this sudden intelligence
that must have alluded you the day before, I guess I'll be
expecting a full word and maybe even a whole grammatically
correct sentence soon as she graduates!!!

I'll be umm waiting

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