down in my eyes
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2002-03-01 08:55:34 (UTC)

Nostalgic moon..

When i got online the other nite, OJ messaged me,
exclaiming, "look at the moon!!"
So I ran outside to see what the big fuss was about....

There was a full moon.. But it was different this time.
It was freaky, yet nostalgic.., mystical.. 'n romantic...
all packed into one. If it weren't so cold, i prolly
woulda stayed out all nite... layen on my driveway,
staring up.

The entire sky was cloudy, except for a big
circumferance region surrounding the moon. That entire
area was cloud-free.. 'N you could see the midnite sky.
Pretty illusional.

I dunno, but thats really something.