It's Only Fantasy, My Love
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2001-05-05 22:44:29 (UTC)

May 05, 2001

Well...this is my first day writing and I can't say that
I'm completely comfortable with trusting a web site with my
life or my thoughts, but what the heck...Well...David is
still grounded and I haven't seen him for atleast 5 days.
His parents are so strict, I can't believe they wouldn't
even let him go to Karate, especially the day of my
testing. I swear it has something to do with me, they
really don't like me. Janet had the nerve to call me TEENY
BOPPER! That cold-hearted bitch! Whats wrong with her???
I "found" Ernie a couple of days ago but I dont know if
I'll get his # any time soon. I feel like I'm grounded
along wtih David b/c I haven't gotten to see him and since
none of my other "friends" matter as much then I don't
really have anything to do...He's not the only one being
punished I guess. I bought my outfit for the formal next
Saturday. Its cute but not exactly what I had in mind, yet
better! I will be much more comfortable in pants than in a
dress...I'm just used to something between my legs...that
came out wrong but makes perfect sense! Well I better go
before I get carried away with rambling. RAMBLE ON! (good
song- Led Zeppelin). Anyways...