Luke's Poetic Interview
2002-03-01 07:39:58 (UTC)

teenage constitution

eavesdropping on my best friends parents
talking about what they think of his attitude
and how they are gonna deal with it.
talk to him about honor
and respect
and everything else that comes with the duty
of being a son
to a loving set of parents.
give him a break
that's what i wanted to say
give him a fucking break
he's just a guy
who wants to live
he deosn't give a damn
so neither should you.
don't take it personally
that's just what we do.
we screw around
and find things to break
not ever thinking of what
is at stake.
just lay off us
back off for a little while
see what we come up with
let us find our own style.
let the rumpus take over
and the frenzy ensue
'cuz we'll do it anyway
and there's nothing you can do.