Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-03-01 06:55:42 (UTC)

Maybe it's time for that mythical otherworld quest...

OK, It's time for Nikkie to go. She needs to get the living
f*#$ing hell off of campus. Even if it's just for a
weekend, she's gotta go. It's aaaaall getting to be too

The classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Developed Nations,
Philosophy of Natural Sciences, and Composition and
Rhetoric. Dumb, dumber and dumbest. I don't like to say bad
things about one of Prorok's classes, but geography is not
my strong suit, and I really only took the class because I
needed something to substitute for a class that was full.
But it's reminiscent of International Health, and a lot of
it is rehash for me... Philosophy? I hate Darwin. As Jason
might say, he fucks dogs and I hate him, or something to
that extent. I love how I've got to go through our books
and review everything for our tests because it wasn't
covered in class. And Comp and Rhetoric... Don't get me
started. It's an insult to my intelligence and I sincerely
hope I have an anurism so I can get out of it.

Tuesday, Thursday: Business Writing, Geography of Religion,
and History of the Development of the English Language. I
HATE Business Writing with a passion... Attending class is
waking up early for something I could just as easily do off
on my own. Class does not help me at ALL and the work is
some of the most pointless BS I've ever been forced to
accomplish. Geography of Religion is very interesting, but
the stupid fucking 8 page papers we have to do where we
just reiterate what was taught in class is obnoxious and
pointless. I don't miss class often, and when I do, I am
responsible enough to do what's necessary so I don't fall
behind. History... Gorman needs something... just to PROVE
she's still alive. And if I have to hear how her family is
originally from Sweden ONE. MORE. TIME...

I also, sad to say, need time to be away from the people.
Alex has decidedly ditched us for Megan, Michelle ditched
me for dinner and afterwards tonight for alone time (though
that's understandable), Ann is on campus, so automatically,
I cease to exist and I guess I offended Chief pretty badly
tonight while actually COMPLIMENTING him (or actually not
even, just telling him what I thought and to my knowledge
it wasn't anything even remotely BAD), because he signed
off after an extended ellipse ("...") and never came back.
I feel loved, let me tell you...

So I'm thinking it's about time for Nikkie to go home,
where the people miss her, the food is good, and Queen of
the Damned is showing in 3 theaters. Mom and Dad OK'ed the
trip to Ireland next spring (YES!!!!), but they want an
update on grades, possible employment over the summer and
general reassurance that I'm still living. I haven't seen
Heather since her birthday party, which feels like FOREVER
ago, and I'm anxious to watch some anime and eat PB ice
cream and relax...

Or perhaps we ought to take it to the next level and
finally go on that quest into another world like we've got
planned. Might be fun. People'd get over it...

And now I embark onto the other world of sleep and dreams.


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