Online With Patrick D. McCormick
2002-03-01 06:13:29 (UTC)

3/1/02 1:09:11 AM FRI MORN RADFORD VA

I’m so glad today is over. A hectic day to end the hectic
week (oh except for Friday, but whatever happened to Friday
being a part of the weekend?). Not that I don’t have a
hectic week next week, If I told you I ever could relax Id
be lying. On days that I go to class there’s really not
much to write. I just go to class and do HW all day. I
really need to wash my clothes tomorrow. One day I need to
head over to bank…its been so cold (in the low 30s). This
weekend will do me a bit of good. Im excited, Im just
going to sit back and attempt to relax. I unwound tonight
by playing some music.