humming bird

my F***ed up head
2002-03-01 05:34:07 (UTC)

he lied to me

ok so what the hell is worng with guys.... honestly jason
told me that i was his first and i knew that it was a lie
and it hurt to know that he lied to me , to my face, and
that easily... and i mean i knew about the hwol ryane thing
but he had sex with at least one other girl besides her and
i mean i obviously am gonna say something to him i just am
not to sure what yet and how am i gonna know that his reply
isnt another lie... god i mean whats the point in lying
about it, i jut dont get it... he knew how much that meant
to me... that is like the most important thing in my life
next to like my wedding day and when i have kids and i
wanted it to be honest and it wasnt, he took that away from
me and it isnt something u can give back and he was givin
me so much bs last night about him not trusting me but how
am i spose to trust him now..of all the things to lie about
he picked that...wha a DIPSHIT......but whatev i gotta