A Book of Poems
2001-05-05 21:59:29 (UTC)

You and Me

Never wanted to think about it
Didn't think I could
I knew it would hurt this much
But now I don't think it should
I promised to love you for always
And I know I never let you down
Never wanted to hurt YOU
So why try to hurt ME now?
Do you really think you love her?
If you do, you're a fool
Your heart was always with me
Your love, your hearts tool
You can never love two people
But I guess your going to try
I'm sorry if "it" never lasts
You'll see then, I didn't lie
We could always be together
Life long love caught both you and me
If it went too far though
Then I guess you'll never see
You'll come back soon enough
One day soon I hope
Then together we'll live forever
Because OUR love can always cope.

P.S. All my poems are copywritten in my name, thank you for
keeping things legal!