Procrastination is Key
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2002-03-01 04:51:08 (UTC)

What a lousy day!

I want to start off on a positive note though and talk about
last night. Went to the last home basketball game of the year-
it was against Clemson and if we hadn't won I would have
been very upset considering they have NEVER won in chapel
hill. That was one streak that I couldn't bear to see
broken. Anyway didn't need to worry about that b.c clemson
was HANDLED:-p Plus I got to spend time with my boy, always
Today started out ok- badminton and geology- but as soon as
geology was over at 12:15 I came straight back to the room
and sat working on my lab report from then til 5:15, with a
nice little break to eat a banana and a yummy cookie for
lunch. So I get to lab at 6 only to realize that I forgot
one of the parts to the lab that I had worked on the night
before. Luckily there was a 30 min sit and wait period
during the experiment, so my TA let me come back to the room
to get it, which was nice. So, I have a little less than 30
min to get to and fro- remember that it takes 10-15 min each
way- and I get back to the lab BUILDING with like 3 min to
Finally a woman came out and was like= i only have a key for
you to get into kenan, so you will have to find some stairs
and get into morhead somehow. So I am in a building at
least- find some stairs after about 3 min- then wander
around, ride up and down in the elevator a couple times
trying to find the one passage between the 2 buildings (Let
me just note how distressed I was about all this, if I could
I would have just sat down and cried) So anyway, after about
15 min of frantic wandering the door to the passage is
miraculously open- just a mere two or so minutes after I
just checked it. Well my group has finished the lab by the
time I got back in there- you can say this is a good thing
maybe- but for this lab we had to wait for all other groups
to get done. So after sitting around doing nothing really
for another 20- 30 min we are all allowed to leave. I get
out of the building, walk about 3 minutes and what do I
PROCEDURE FROM THE NIGHT'S LAB!!! Hoping everyone from my
lab has not left yet and will be coming out I pathetically
stand outside the door. The elevater opens a min later and
my TA came out. I was thrilled- well not really thrilled,
too drained for that- but relieved. So finally my night of
lab was over, and I had to walk back to the room yet again.
Karen came tonight and ate dinner with Amber and I could
have gone but all I wanted to do was get in the bed- after I
had bought a package of M&M's and a grape soda of course!:-p
shit I deserved that at least. whew- I am tired- goodnight

OH- and the taco van? called "taqueria chicos" little taco
store is my translation:-p