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2002-03-01 04:38:34 (UTC)

SAM, yo le amamos, cuándo seremos juntos otra vez?

how long do i have to wait? it has only been two weeks, not
even that, and it seems like forever. i just wish that sam
would come to her senses and see that i love her more than
anything and that we should just get back together. i
emailed to her some tonite and she seems like she feels
bad. her aunt also told me she is like a happy little puppy
when she hears my name or sees me. :) that is a plus. aunt
sami said, "she is like a happy little puppy that piddles
on the floor when she knows that it is you on the phone,
but when kyle calls, she just has the whatever look." that
makes me so happy. we might still just be friends and then
later hook up again, which is better than nothing i guess?
i already miss her, she is grounded from the phone the
computer and going anywhere for two weeks, but tonite, her
aunt is letting me call her so. . . i am HAPPY !!! and
maybe we can get a lot of our problems worked out then.
that would be good. well, speaking of, its getting late and
i need to call her and get to bed, so. . . ill tell u what
happened tomorrow, ok?

Austin J. Willmore

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