Screaming Cathedrals
2002-03-01 04:14:10 (UTC)

And my infamous bad luck rears..

And my infamous bad luck rears it's ugly head again. My car
is broken. Yes, the new car I just got is broken. Engine is
blown. I blew a rod, or rather, the people who had it last
blew it and the dealer I bought it from put heavy oil in it
to hide the knocking and make it last.... that is until I
changed the oil... and so now, I'm skrewed.
Well, that's not totally true.... My tax refund should be
enough to get it fixed, or it will be close to the amount
it will be... and I can come up with the rest somehow.
Went up to Boone to see Lauren this weekend. Ryan and his
buddies got up and did a few numbers there, it was open mic
night, and we cheered them on.
The beating of a certain person didn't commence this
round... though everyone wanted it realllly bad. Lauren
made us hold killer back until later. If anyone out there
doesn't get this, then that probably means you aren't
supposed to get it. :p
Damn the "win a million dollars sweepstakes" on the Milky
Way bars. Jon and I keep buying the damn things and we can
never win.
What would I do with a million dollars... hmmm? Most people
say something stupid like, "i don't know what i'd do with
that much money!". But they lie. They're just trying to
sound humble.
We all know what someone, anyone would do with that amount
of money.
New car, new house, new wardrobe, and then the rest would
be wasted on stupid things like "banana keepers" -I'll go
into that later- and over priced food. Maybe some plastic
sugery... and the really lame ones would give a thousand
dollars to charity. Not for any honest reasons, like
empathy, or caring... but either 1. to make themselves feel
better about blowing the other 999,999.00 dollars, or 2.
if they are bible nuts, to brown nose the guy upstairs.
Then at the end of it all... when they've realized they've
over drawn their bank account, they'll sell their nice car
and buy a cheaper one to pay it off.
It's amazing how overrated a million collars is. Not that I
would be complaining if I won it. Shopping makes me happy,
like nothing else.