Emo song waiting to happen...
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2002-03-01 04:00:41 (UTC)


another long day... God today was so boring after school I
swear, turns out we didn't get to go fix the recording
today so that sucked, AJ came over though, we ate some
chinese then got bored, went to Christians to think of
something to do, but nothing ever came up... Poor
Christian, I swear I keep trying to tell him Ashleys a bad
idea, she's gonna fuckin lead him on bad and fuck him over
like there's no tomorrow, but I don't wanna tell him
anything cause I know he'll get overly upset or overly
depressed... ahh... I guess we all have to learn our own
lessons sometimes... lately I've felt incomplete, like I'm
missing something, it's been real weird, it's times like
this when I really start to miss Nikki... my feelings for
her arn't as strong anymore, I think it's just the fact
that I can't find anyone else...