A Book of Poems
2001-05-05 21:50:07 (UTC)


Broken and hurt
Don't know where to turn.
Do I have your love,
Or is it something that I must earn?
We bickered and fought,
You told me you loved me,
I was so happy to hear this
But it was only a dream.
I don't know if you care
I fear I have lost,
The most precious of things,
You were the cost.
I am begging you now,
Please have me back.
I can't live without you.
My life has fallen off track.
I've made many wishes
And I also pray.
The last wish I made
was you would love me, today.
The fog has just begun...
It had begun to fade away.
It is back now thicker,
But I hope it won't stay.
I am going to say this
One very last time,
I'll love you forever
Just say you'll be mine.

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