A Book of Poems
2001-05-05 21:42:34 (UTC)


Guys will always make you mad, and my poems have become a
great way of ventilation...

Crazy for thinking
that we could ever be close
maybe we were once
hold high your glass, shout out your toast
a toast to your loved ones
though to me it is not
some other girl maybe
Our love a mere thought
A thought that now flees
gone in the wind
I would wish to catch it
but you would throw it away yet again
Crazy for loving
you of all people
the one who despises me
and thinks of me, evil
I hurt myself thinking
we still stood a chance
better to be over with
than to wait for your advance
One that I know
Shall never come
I know this now,
Before I was dumb
Stop the tormenting
stop saying you care
stop ridiculing my love
and saying it never was there
I ripped my heart out
for you, at the seams
I would have done anything
but that was just dreams
stop acting so foolish,
something I must tell myself
It never was love
not worth losing my health
I laugh at that comment,
how untrue it could be
Never was love
I wish you were here with me!