What you never knew
2002-03-01 03:22:27 (UTC)


I dont know what it is with me lately. I keep pushing
people away from me. So many bad things are happening right
now to me and this is a time when I need people the most
but instead of pulling them in and getting support...I push
them away. I'm even pushing Matt away. I noticed that
today. He would come up to me and all and I would just
kinda be like, half there. I dont know what it is lately.
And it jsut seems like Matt doesnt want to hang around with
me anymore like my problems are just a burden that he
doesnt need so I mean right now its really rough for me at
my house but I'm not saying ne thing to him because he
doesnt need my pain. I dont know..I am just so sick and
tired of dealing..of being here right now, I cant take it
much longer. peace..amie