Mikey's Journal
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2002-03-01 03:09:18 (UTC)

Another awesome day!!

Wow! Another good day. Again, I'll just go through the
whole day. I got up early and got ready really fast so I
went to McDonalds for breakfast. I ate on the way to
school. When I got to school and got to the science wing,
Tammy and Frankie were sitting there. I got a little mad (I
don't know why). I went into the room and put my stuff
down. My teacher could tell I was a little upset and I told
her that Frankie got me mad. We had a little conversation.
Then, I got Frankie's ring out of my backpack and went back
into the hallway. I told Frankie that I needed to talk to
him. He gets up and goes "What did I do?" I said "You
didn't do anything. I just think we need to start seeing
other people." and handed him his ring back. He got mad and
went and sat back down. I went back into the classroom to
finish eating my breakfast. When I got done I went back
into the hall to talk to Frankie and Tammy. (Tammy had
started crying when I broke up with Frankie because she
knows that I like Ben.) Then Charity walked down the hall,
so I went back into the room. I hate it when I'm out
numbered. I stayed in the room and talked to my teacher for
about 5 minutes. Then I went back into the hall and saw Ben
walking away. I heard Tammy say "See?" But I had no clue
why she said that. Ben knew I was behind him. When we were
out of their sight Ben turned around and I asked him if he
told Tammy about me and him dating and he said no. I was
like "Ok. Because when I dumped Frankie, she started
crying." We talked for a few minutes, but then I heard
Tammy, Frankie, and Charity's voices so we said good-bye
and he went his way and I went my way. After first period
Ben was waiting for me. He walked me to my second period
class. Before I went in, we talked for a minute. But he had
to get home to change for work. So we said good-bye. Then
when I got home I checked my email and, like always, he had
emailed me. I read it and emailed him back. He had invited
me to go to this church thing with him. He came over to my
house around 7:00 and we went to the church thing. That was
a lot of fun. Then, instead of going to eat ice cream with
the rest of the people from church, we went to our
favorite "make out" spot. We only kissed twice. We talked
most of the time. Which is cool with both of us because we
don't want to rush into things like we did with our last
relationships. He's going to take Tammy to Taco Bell
tomorrow night to tell her that me and him are dating. Then
on Saturday we're going out to eat and then going to
Ashville to see a movie. Words can't express how happy I
am. I am soooo glad that we moved to North Carolina!!! I'm
about to scream. Well, I'm the only one home, so I migh as
well. Ok, I feel better.