.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-03-01 02:23:33 (UTC)

letter to no one.

im sorry i fixed your purse today and you didnt even
realize it.
im sorry i tried to make you my bestfreind but realized you had too
many already.
im sorry i showed you love. and you are too busy to return
it. i know you wanted to.
im sorry i take care of your sister when you are too busy
for her.
im sorry that i cant even rely on you enough to support my
projects when i really need it.
im sorry youre slowly breakign my heart, and i know its
breaking yours.

i think im done now. its just killing me. friends are
killing me. i talked to sam on the phone. he made me sad.
i share his friendship with alyssa. i dont, but it feels
like it, i feel jealous, who am i to be jealous. i dont
love him, alyssa thinks i do, he likes her. why am i

it depresses me that i hate todd, who am i to hate him, he
is sick, he has some bad illness, that makes his hair fall
out or somthing, zac shouldnt hate him but i wont play
Mom. im releaseing my hatred for him. officailly.

friends are killing me, depression, but not that bad.