emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-03-01 02:08:38 (UTC)

on the phone w mike


he is so doofy.
"stef, this movie better be good cuz im dissin the fam
he referring to tomorrow nite...hah. 8 o' clock, macarthur,
40 days and 40 nights. be there. its gonna rawk.

im SO happy tomorrow is FRIDAY! 2nd bell should be
exciting. 4th will always suck. 6th is ok. 7th gives me the
worst headaches.


the other nite nicole and i went around takin pictures at
the beach and around ghent. and some old abandoned house
that creeped me out. spooooky.

photography was soo funny today. -BARNACLE BOB!!- hahahaha

i swear, i wasnt tryin to take the skulls front
tooth...hahaha, right ashleigh, courtney & amanda?!

hahaha. and im so tall. i am.

and stephen is online but, not there. err.

i should have been at the show tonite.
digger. scaries. mock heroic. pick your poison. the grey am

but i had a lot of homework to do. :[
i wish i couldda gone though....

im sure it was a good show.


i was gonna take a shower but ill wait til the morning.

i burned my tongue earlier when i was drinking coffee..

mike is such a nerd. hahaahha....

okay- this is all. i will write more later, maybe.


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