2002-03-01 02:06:43 (UTC)

Last Day of the Month

Today is the last day of February. I need to take down my
hearts, angels and snowmen and begin putting up my spring
decorations. Tomorrow is St. David's Day and the daffodils
have bloomed just in time! John pointed out that
*daffodils* come from the word meaning David which, when
you think about it a bit, makes sense as daffodils are the
flowers for Wales just as St. David is their patron saint.
We'll have leek soup as part of our dinner.

I finished the April (Hare) block for the Folk Art Quilt and
began the June one (Rooster). I don't have the May one
which is Herbs. I've also ordered the blocks
for the October, November and December although I plan some
changes in the latter two.

I've made appointments for dental cleaning for me and Owen
for next month and I need to make an eye doctor appointment
for Gavin as it appears he may need eye
glasses. Next month is shaping up to a month filled with
medical/dental appointments.

NOTE: I neglected to list my January books so the next
entry lists books read in January and February, 2002.