punker waiting for godot
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2002-03-01 01:49:01 (UTC)

thanks for all the comments

i would have never thought so many people read my journal.
alot of people that don't even have journals here too.
anyways thanks for all the nice words and the "one" angry
post. to all the girls who are writing about wanting to
meet me. i live in hollywood, califonia. and i'm not going
on any u.s. tours that i know of anytime soon. but i enjoy
your messages alot. keep them coming.

right now i've got blue hair dye plied on my head. yes
it's that time again. bright blue dye washes out really
fast so i gotta do this every two weeks.

currently i'm listening to a song i wrote about my cat
(fang). i miss him. it's not easy not having a girlfriend
and not having a cat.

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