A Book of Poems
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2001-05-05 21:25:50 (UTC)

Come Back

While Will and I lasted our relationship 9 months, we had
many offs and during thse times I wrote many poems.

I don't want to say it
I don't think I can
I just know I love you,
And I hope you'll always be my man.
This has all been so very tough
Worse now that your gone
If you really love me
How do i know, and for how long?
Life has been full of mistakes
This one my worst yet
I feel nothing but misery,
But thats just how broken hearts get.
My heart is shattered,
A million tiny peices
Doesn't feel like before
When it could be fixed by your kisses.
I hope you'll come back to me
I hope our loves strong
Most of all I hope,
Our relationship will later be long.
It's not that I don't want you
Really I do!
I just want to be me,
So you can be you.
This is what we needed
A short period to be free
I just hope that one day...
You'll come back to me.

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