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2002-03-01 01:20:46 (UTC)

Life is ...?

Life is here.. and it's so's so wonderful..
but what is it really? I mean... can't explain it.
Jesus is our purpose, YES,... and i know we're here for Him
and all this...:)I know the reason for life ....just..
i'm talking adjectives here. How should we EXPLAIN life?
How would YOU explain life? HMMMM Life is.........!?

Well today i woke up in this really, really awesome mood.
Like I told Wayne and Josh, i don't usually get up grumpy..
it's just that i woke up unusually happy.. and that's rare
for me. WHY i did.. is completly awesome. I'll keep ya
hanging boo yyyeah.

Well okay.. if you have made it this far into my
scatterbrained, boring writing.... CONGRADULATIONS! KOO!
You must ROK.

Does anyone like Kangol? Man, I DO. Phew. Gotta love kool
clothes.. esp. on guys. Gurls are kool always. hehe I mean.. it
doesn't matter what one
wears.. as long as they're decent... just sometimez kool
clothes can be fun. So many people think so many different
styles are kool on guys.. i myself like tha baggy jeans ..
but not really too baggy... yucky loland i dunno.. i think
a gurl can look great in almost anything.. weeeeelll

OH MAN.. gotta go pick up a Sonic order and people are
swarming in our house.. faster and faster.. like usually!
Always coming overto ourhouse!

God's peace to ya and God bless:)!
Praise GOD!!!!,