A Book of Poems
2001-05-05 21:01:45 (UTC)


If the words would come
And I would say them
Would you believe
And be my safe haven?
I'm comfortably protected
In your arms
Hold me close
Allow no harm.
You kiss me, I love it
You hold me, I melt
You even express
Those feelings we dealt.
I must say, I love you
I need to say, I care
I want you to know
I'll always be there.
There are many times
My feelings swell
I just can't say,
My feelings I can't tell.
I always wish
You to know
How much I love you
Even if it don't show.
The one thing truly
Is that your mine
I'll always keep you
Till the end of time.
You can always keep me
As long as you like
And I'll still be loving you
Even after a fight.
I guess that is all
I wanted to say
Is that I'll always love you
Every step of the way.