No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-03-01 00:53:03 (UTC)

another poem....You


I try to forget you,
I tell myself to move on,
But somehow I can't,
Your voice is inside my head.

When I flirt,
I think of you.
When I laugh,
I think of you.
When I smile,
I think of you.
When I dream,
I dream of you.

One day you love me,
The next day I'm not sure.
When I talk to you,
All my confusion is cleared.

I wish I could tell you just how I feel,
I wish this romance could be more than real,
But I'm so afraid of your reaction,
Most of all I fear rejection.

You tell me I'm important to you,
You make me smile and everlasting smile,
Those few moments with you,
Will last me a lifetime.

What I'd give for just one kiss,
And to see you smile,
And to hear you tell me you love me too,
I wonder if you feel the same way too,
For all my life I've wanted someone like you.

~Ashley Bott

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