out of reach
2002-03-01 00:30:13 (UTC)


i woke up this morning at my normal hour (ten minutes after
when i'm REALLY supposed to wake up) only to find that i
had a two hour delay this morning. i'm still not sure why
because i saw no snow on the ground and it was only
slightly chilly out. but i take what i can get. anyway, i
ended up sleeping for a good three hours more, making
myself late for school and getting the last parking spot in
the lot. oh well though. other than that i'd say i had a
pretty good day. i picked up some stained glass for my
project in ceramics and got my big pay check from work. i
really need to find another job. i'm never going to get to
california with this kind of money.

my sister comes home tomorrow. that's pretty exciting.
she'll be coming into work to get her graduation pictures
done and i get to do them. yay!

i found out i was preapproved for montclair's honors
program today. its odd. i don't think of myself as above
average intelligence. i feel like i don't deserve to be
apart of these sort of students. i'm just like everyone
else. i get good grades and i did well on my sat's.
that's all. maybe i just don't realize by abilities.
which is probably why i failed to apply to the school i
really wanted to go to. i mean i might have had a chance.
but nevermind that. i wish i had a respected adult that i
could ask about this, to know if they think i could really
cut it. but i don't trust any of the opinions of the
teachers in my school. they don't know me. not even mrs.
donovan who's probably the adult i have the closest
relationship with. she doesn't understand me though which
saddens me a bit. but i'll get over it.

i think i'll clean my room now.