Queen Bee

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2002-03-01 00:03:08 (UTC)

I really hate things.

Havent you just hated something so much you jsut wanted
to put your fist thru the wall? because that is exactly how
i feel right now. Im pissed off becuase no one cares and no
one seems to listen to me. Seth is gone and this whole
thing with me and him is pissing me off. all were doing is
going around in circles and everytime i try to talk to him
its like im taking up his time, but i cant tell him that
cuz he has enough stress and this'll just stress him out
more. Raven said that it puts stress on me too but id
rather it be on me than on him and then since jess and mel
got really serious he acts like hes to good to be my friend
or to show me any fucking respect and thenit feels like hes
taking away Raven. Everytime we hang out hes there or he
calls every 3 sec. and shes spends more time with him than
me anymore. everything just fucking sux. I really dont like
things right now and i wish it would just all go away. Just
go away so i wouldnt have to deal with it so i dont have to
feel the pain i do. but it wont it never does. i should
jsut give up give up on my friends, love everything cuz
loving someone who doesnt love you back sux ass i should
know. I know jesse and Raven keep saying well he loves you
and we care about you but i really dont feel like it
lately. I just really really want people...to bite me.

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