Mah Life
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2002-03-01 00:00:59 (UTC)


Well today was ok,I guess. On the way home Claudia was
hella fucking funny. We were all talking about they should
burn the old Salida school 2 the ground for the 4th of
July. Yay my brother Tommy came back 2day,I missded him.I
swaer Stephanie is just like Sandra, she is such a fucking
liar,oh well, if she wants to say shit to me she'll have
her chance 2morrow.I'm listening 2 No Doubt(Return of
Saturn) Haha I putt my lil fairy clip in brians hair and he
started freeking out becuz he couldnt get it out. I was
going to leave it like that,but Im nice and I didnt.
Driannas actually here,shes sleeping though,I havent seen
her in like 3 weeks, So sad,So sad... Ok well Ima go now,bye