Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-28 23:39:03 (UTC)

Yep, I'm a horrible Sandwich Artist

Heh, I suck at being a 'sandwich artist' oh well. Just as
long at they don't ask me to do the cash register I'm
fine. Me and most electronic things do not get along. But
other than that my first day working at Subway, wasn't all
that bad. Tons of cadets (some of which were cute), 4
years suck. But I almost mastered the wrapping thing, Its
so much harder than it looks! Anyways...
Today was the deadline for the SHIFT contest. I doubt I
won, I'm not that great of an artist, and motorcycles are
not the easiest thing to draw either. Grrr. But you never
know *hopes* Ok, not really...
I was so tired and bitchy today, I felt so sorry for the
people that had to deal with me. Kendal asked me to the
March dance. "Tracie, are you going to the
dance?" "no" "please, do it for me. I'll be there *wink
wink*" ... My response, "More reason for me not to go."
And then I almost felt guilty, almost... But now that I
work I have a better excuse, I guess...
I went with Phi to Godfathers' today at lunch. And then
proceeded to eat 7 pieces of her large Veggie pizza... Good
stuff! Heh. I have never felt so full in my life! Plus we
had to smuggle Brandon off campus so he could come with us.
(He's only a sophomore and only Junior and Seniors are
allowed to leave at lunch.)
Ack, I have to decided what classes I want to take next
year, so that's kinda hard/fun... Who knows... FST, and
Brit. Lit. here I come....

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