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2002-02-28 23:34:11 (UTC)

assez bien 3.35p

Well...today was a good day (even, strange.)Probably
because I didn't have to turn in any homework that I didn't
do. Hmmm...yesterday was weird. I heard from presumed truth
that selfish liar was all over pigtails the other
day...then he asked her to SH. She said no. Hahhaha. For some reason
none of this really bothers me. It's like I already knew. I just feel
stupid...really stupid. I should have trusted myself about
my suspicions of selfish liars lies. Because they were
true! And even more so than I thought... selfish liar is
supposedly going to parlerai avec preppy optimist.
Hopefully, selfish liar gets accepted to AFA, which will
narrow my chances of ever having to see him again. Why? He
reminds me of my stupidity. And I hate that. Okay, that's
officially in the past.
Mysterious voisin has mild tiefstand and the same signs as
me. Hmmm...proof! I don't know what I'll do about that yet.
We'll see. I going to try really hard to make tommorrow a
bon jour aussi.

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