my adventures
2001-05-05 20:17:17 (UTC)

no mango

so lynsey emails me the other day and tells me she had sex
with her new man this past weekend! i'm really excited for
her, apparently they had a marathon all weekend. i guess i
could have gone without knowing that but it was funny, i
could almost have told her what she was going to say as soon
as i heard her voice. we always seem to get play at the
same times. its cool like that. . .it would suck to hear
about her getting some booty and then have to masturbate
still. at least i'm good for a while now since jon was
here. . . of course i'm still going to work on dom to mess
around with me just to get out some sexual tension. he's
gay but i think we could help each other out a little at
least, we don't have to have sex. . . necessarily. . . jon
emailed me too and he sounds really weird, i'm thinking the
non-monagamy thing (which was his girlfriends idea) didn't
go over well when he got home, i think she thought she'd be
out fucking other guys and he wouldn't. that'll teach her i
guess. i think i should write a book about all this stuff,
or at least a porno script, i could make some money! i
bought a chair today!! its my first chair! its so old and
faded but its comfy and it was only 20 bucks. i think i'm
going to put my artistic ability to work and try to dye it a
different color cuz its pretty bad right now. . .