a little piece of me
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2002-02-28 23:06:38 (UTC)

almost finished

just got back from working on design and metals. my boot
is almost finished. all i have left on it is to add the
laces and some textures (which we will be doing after we
glaze it in class tuesday). i will have to go in this
weekend and get the laces done, though. it will take a
while, but i think i can handle it. i love working over
there. today, i came home covered in dust, with clay all
over my clothes. even some in my hair, lol. i have no
problem getting dirty when i work. in fact, i don't feel
like i've accomplished anything if i walk out of there
clean. same with any project. maybe that's why my work
always comes out so 'polished'...because the bulk of the
mess ends up on me lol.

did a little soldering in the metals shop today, as well.
not hard at all. a few summers ago, i worked in a fuse
factory. i had to weld, so i have a tiny bit of
experience. not the same, but i'm not afraid to jump right
in, afraid of getting burned, or anything like that. i
liked how it looked after being heated...the colors were
different..created sort of a marbled pattern. very
pretty. unfortunately, i can't leave it that way. i'll
have to sand it down to the original brass and copper

tomorrow, i'm going to meet my mom in springfield fairly
early. since i'm leaving for springbreak one week from
today, she is going to bird-sit for me. my car is too
small to fit me, two others, luggage, and three large bird
cages in for the trip to my house (we're taking my parent's
car...it's the nicest of all of ours, plus gets the best
gas mileage). still sort of dreading the trip. at the
same time, i'm looking forward to it. i've always wanted
to visit louisiana, and now is my chance. we're going to
the french quarter, as well as the garden district. we're
going to visit some cemetaries, as well. then, we're
moving on to florida for a few days. should be nice, i
guess. i image i'll be spending a lot of quality time with
myself, but that's ok. i'm more comfortable that way,

well, i've got more work to do. need to get the birds all
cleaned up and packed up for tomorrow. a plethera of other
things that need to be done as well. scott, haven't heard
from you in a while, hope all is ok. heather, don't know
if i will be able to call tonight...depends on how much i
get done today. sorry. lester, a million thank
you's...for the pics and everything else. will write again
when i get the chance, though it may not be for a few
days..hopefully that won't be the case.