nothin left to say
2002-02-28 22:55:48 (UTC)


its kinda funny. ive just been thinkin (which isnt a good
thing).... and everytime i get my hopes up, everytime I
decide that i want to take my relationship w/______ (put a
girls name in there, any girls name will work really) our
relationship suddenly regresses to like the point where we
dont talk. and im not joking. its happened to me twice
this year w/differnet girls. heres the scenario. we begin
talkin and over weeks and weeks we grow more comfortable
w/each other. then it gets to like a peak (for example,
w/girl #1(i wont give names) it was the day before xmas
break and i skipped all my classes and walked around
school w/her and went w/her to her classes. for girl #2,
it was walking around then getting her phone # and talkin
to her on the phone a lot. i know i know im pathetic but
ah well, u win some u lose some.)and then it just like
crashes and burns and im just soooo confused. i guess
after that "peak" im supposed to make a move? yeaaa im not
clueless, im just afraid of messin up. or rejection. or
both. blah. im such a retard. well later.