the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-02-28 22:27:36 (UTC)

damn triatholon

thats right I had the brillant idea to get on swim team at
the new school well we are not swiming we are running like
2 miles a day and my little body can not take it .. i am so
pissed off at all my team mates and my coach I go to that
class everyday for 2 hours a day and I have to through up
before I go out there b/c I know if I don't I will pass
out .. I know its gross but hey I just want to stress the
harshness of our practices .. its 50 degrees outside and we
are running and doing all this crap .. I mean for the love
of God give me a break .. also I hate the fact I am
single !!!!!!!!! bahh I mean I guess I could get a man if I
tired but lately I have not gotten up early enough to
actually look nice so I dunno but I get up at like 620 and
I am at school by 7:10 .. certanly not enoughtime to look
my best .. I hate the fact I feel so gross about my body
and have no pride in my self and I hate the fact that
tomorrow night Tiffany id going to be the one getting
Steven's attention when it should be me ! damn things need
to go my way .. I need to work on my grades .. I totally
failed my test in history today that I thought I was
prepared for but I guess not .. I hate this all I hate
ihate I hate .. there is not love .. I need to remember
that gansta's don't cry but I can't help it my chest is
filling up and I am at the point where all I can do is cry
and hope to God it gets better .. I miss all my old
friends ..I cry for my friends I have not seen in a
while .. Brooke is steadly heading down hill even more ..
she is pregnate and justin is getting married in March to
his pregnate girlfriend so this means no more menasury ..
Kennith however is trying to flaunt his trashy
girlfriend .. I just looked at him like what a lozer .. I
feel like I am traped in am maze that I can not get out
of .. like have u ever gotten lost at lazer quest well yeah
thats what it feels like .. dark light hot air and everyone
coming at u at once and u haveing no way to excape .. I
really don't have like fun with my friends here .. I have
to act so meture and grown up .. with my friends from home
I can be myself and chill .. i am not complaining but it
would be nice to schange for a little while .. I need a
man !!!!!! bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. and another thing I am a
soppran 1 and I am having to sing sop2 and I am irritated
with having to sing the low part when I can hit the high
part .. and damn it i don't wanna learn the sop 2 part to
all the songs I have learned the sop 1 part to.I think I
might go to the club this weekend just to let my hair
down .. I guess that means I can ither go tomorrow night to
the rodeo with my friends and see Steven the boy I can't
or I can go to Storm on Saturday night maybe see him and
dance my heart out .. I dunno i could go to the club friday
night .. I dunno we will see
lets Talk about Steven .. okay he is 17 :)
I am 16 he goes to Stratford .. so cute .. white .. like
6'1 perfect body .. can totally dane .. I mean like a
stripper dance .. oh yes he is hot .. so funny and nice and
I dunno just cool to be around .. however on the negatives
behind his blue hair and blonde hair he is conceted .. and
like I dunno does not like me .. well as more than a
friend .. I mean I dunno he like tiff .. the perfect body
never has a frummpy day and I am just like can u not look
bad !!!!!!!
I dunno I really like him and I dunno i am just thinking
that if he got to know me he would totally fall for me .. i
dunno I pride myselff in getting any guy I want if I work
hardenough and like I dunno i love him well not oh I love
please marry me love but like I just like him alot and its
kinda like a shot to the heart he doesn't lik em .. what do
i do
well I need to go .. love ya- Mc

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