Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-28 22:13:38 (UTC)

Summertime Brews And Lobsters

I've been in a good mood all day today, despite its being
of quite empty and the fact that I feel bloated now, and
have for a while now - large evening meal, see?

I've given Grease the heave-ho now, and I've still got to
collect my cushions. I've had what was an entertaining but
still a mite Biology-based lecture in Pathology. The
practical, listening to disordered people is far more fun.

Suppose you're not supposed enjoy it all, are you? The
Neurology is necessary to understand what's going on in the
rest of the frosty bad-brain, and its gives a real sense of
achievement when you see people with such symptoms in real-

Anyway. The rest of my day has been me unwinding, tired
still after yesterday (nothing like an old rocker, eh?) and
trying to sort a few things out.

WILT? Under The Sea - Sebastian (That lobster fella out of
the Little Mermaid).

And in response to the ass-shaking comment I raised with
Bootylicious. Its something I prefer to spectate, I'm
afraid. I much prefer a slow-dance than a fast one (Yes,
even those of you who've seen me at the latter. The former
are far nicer).

WILT (Now) I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Elvis Costello &
Burt Bacharach